5 Movies You Can Watch With Your Kids During Winter Holidays

As the winter vacation is about to start, you must plan their vacation as kids need something to be engaged productively throughout the day. Watching movies with kids is a great idea, and it will be great if you can find some movies with the winter backdrop. To help you out finding the right winter movies for your kids, Montessori Sierra Madre, CA teachers have shared a list of movie titles here. You can pick anyone from the list and enjoy some cozy moments with your little ones.

1. The Snowman (age 3+)

The Snowman is a charming, whimsical, animated television film and a symphonic poem based on Raymond Briggs’s classic picture book with the same title. The movie is brief enough to hold your little one’s attention. Most of the kids love watching this movie as there is very little content that may bother them, although some kids may get a bit nervous when the snowman approaches the fire or flies away from home with the boy.

2. Frozen (5+)

Frozen is a Disney animated musical that is likely to appeal to children of all ages. The movie shows two orphaned princesses who must find their ways to survive. Although certain scenes involve men with weapons, snarling wolves, a scary snow monster, a severe storm, and a character who nearly freezes to death, children love to be part of this adventurous story. The movie shares certain messages, including the power of unconditional love between sisters, the importance of being honest, recognizing your strengths, and not being afraid of your power.

3. Happy Feet (5+)

Happy Feet is an appealing animated musical comedy film. The movie shows a little penguin Mumble, who has a terrible singing voice. However, he has an astute talent for tap dancing. In Montessori Sierra Madre, CA children love to see them chase sequences though some kids may get scared of the elephant-seal scenes. The messages of honesty, social acceptance, and embracing one’s individuality excel throughout the movie.

4. Snow Buddies (5+)

This movie shows five puppies get transported to Alaska, where they join forces with a boy to participate in a significant dog-sled competition. The movie depicts loving relationships among family members and the symbolic bond between children and their pets. While watching the movie you talk to your child about the importance of family bonding and how to take care of pets.

5. Arctic Tale (5+)

This is quite a famous children's movie as it introduces kids to the idea of environmentalism with a light, engaging touch. National Geographic Society made this documentary feature film that talks about the life cycle of a walrus and her calf, and a polar bear and her cubs. Montessori Sierra Madre, CA teachers show this movie to their first graders to introduce the concepts of the environment and our responsibility to protect it.

So, what are you waiting for? You have the playlist now, start playing the movies one by one and let your kids enjoy their winter holidays to the fullest.