How to teach your kids about their eye safety?

Kids are reckless if we talk about taking care of them. As a parent, it is your responsibility to take care of your child and teach them how to do a particular thing. Our eyes are an extremely important part of our bodies. It needs proper hygiene to work well. Children are unaware of the importance of caring for it when they are young. Here are some tips that will help you encourage your child to develop healthy habits to take care of their eyes.

Let’s read them out carefully:

Be Aware

Awareness is very important, so when you notice any changes in your vision, take note. It needs to be diagnosed instantly. So ask your child to tell you or your elder, who may be a teacher, if they notice any kind of eye issue or if they notice any kind of blurry vision, jumping, double vision, or any spot in their eyes. As a parent, you must also keep an eye on your children because children do not always complain about problems because they are unaware of the exact quality of their vision. A visit to the eye doctor is recommended if there are signs of excessive linking, rubbing, an unusual head tilt, or an extremely near viewing distance.

Staying hydrated

There are so many health issues that are caused by dehydration, and hydration plays a significant role in good eye health. So tell your child to drink 3 to 4 full glasses of water every day to keep their body hydrated. If your child doesn’t like to drink plain water, add some flavoring. It will help your child drink more water. In your home, you can take care of it, but when children go to school, give them a water bottle.

Wear eye protection

Physical activity is very crucial for kids’ health, but it is also essential to protect their eyes with safety goggles to protect their eyes from UV rays. So ask them to wear sunglasses during their outing and when they participate in any sports during the day. Also, ask them to wear a helmet if the game requires them to protect themselves from any kind of eye or head injury. Sport like bicycle protects against concussions that may cause lingering vision problems, and are mainly preventable.

An outing without any protection in the direct sunlight, or the light rays reflecting off snow and water can potentially cause retinal burns, which may cause long-term damage to your vision.


These are some healthy habits you need to teach your child to keep their eyes healthy. For better vision, you also need to consult with the eye doctor to diagnose the problem on time. If you are a working parent and you don’t have enough time to focus on your child, you can choose our child care in Sierra Madre, CA , for your child's betterment.