Best movies for kids to watch

Do you know while the amount of time kids spent with screens is important, research shows that watching TV and movies with your kids has a range of positive effects? It promotes early literacy skills, boosts empathy and even helps manage aggression after exposure to violent media. You must have seen that your toddler enjoys watching some interesting stuff on the screen as it gives him visual stimulation. Montessori Sierra Madre, CA incorporates movies in their lesson plans to introduce storytelling to the children. If you think you’re your child is ready for some extended screen time, then you can use this below-mentioned list of movies for your kids to watch.

Cars (2006) :

Most of the kids are fascinated by cars so they will love seeing the racing cars zooming around the track and they may like it, even more, when the movie takes another route and settled into a story about small-town life along Route 66. This movie tells the story of Lightning McQueen, a young Rookie race car who must learn that winning is not everything. By watching these movies kids can learn about the importance of nurturing personal relationships and finding fulfillment in what one does, day in and day out.

Early man (2018) :

Students in Montessori Sierra Madre, CA watch this comedy set in the prehistoric time that tells the story of a tribe of primitive hunters who were displaced from their homes by representatives from a distant land who had mustard bronze making. If your tiny tot has signed up for youth soccer, he might enjoy the movie as a tribesman named Dug tries to win his home back by challenging the invaders to a game of soccer.

The Jungle Book (2016) :

The classic story by Rudyard Kipling gets life action landing in this movie from Disney. The Jungle Book tells the story of a savage child called Mowgli who lives in the dense jungles of India. His life takes a new turn when he learns that a tiger called Sher Khan is after his life. Mowgli challenges Sher Khan and defeats him with the help of his well-wishers. The Montessori teachers suggest parents show this movie to their kids as it teaches to embrace the world around them and enjoy their life. They will also learn to take new challenges and face their fears.

Curious George (2006) :

This movie revolves around a man with a yellow hat who travels to Africa in search of a rare artifact but returns with a stowaway. As he comes back to New York, he must look after his pet monkey while halting plans to demolish the museum where he works. This is a funny movie shows that curiosity can be messy and contagious at the same time.

The Gruffalo (2009) :

In the Montessori, the students love watching this short computer-animated film as it is based on the picture book written by Julia Donaldson. It is a story about a cute little mouse walking through the forest and how it outwits the predators along the way. This movie shows that being curious to some extent is good but overly curious can lead to some risky situations.