Christmas gift ideas for your kids that will excite them

Do you know that the practice of giving and receiving gifts during Christmas is symbolic of the gifts given to Jesus by the Three Wise Men: Frankincense, Gold, and Myrrh. Christmas is the celebration of happiness and by giving gifts people want to share happiness with their near and dear ones. Most children around the world believe in Christmas gift bringers like Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas or Father Christmas. If you’re still thinking about what gift you should buy for your little one during this festive season, Montessori Duarte, CA is here to help you out with different Christmas gift ideas for the Apple of your eyes.

Christmas eyeglasses :

It has a very interesting and funny design and will make your toddler the focus of any Christmas assembly. These goggles can be used as fun photo props and are perfect for the party decoration. These are very lightweight, sturdy and very comfortable to wear for long periods.

Animal finger puppets :

Animal finger puppets can be a perfect Christmas gift for your Montessori going, toddler. These animal puppets look very cute and come in different pretty colors. Normally these are made of high quality, kids friendly soft velvet cloth. These sensory toys can help your child to improve his visual tracking skills.

Peppa pig - little library :

This is a set of 6 books based on the animated series Peppa Pig. This little library collection is specially designed and written for the preschool level children. These books in story form are the perfect gift for your toddler as it helps your child learn about some basic life lessons such as road safety, manners, and etiquette. This book is written in easy to understand and simple language. This can be a fun, interactive, educational and very exciting gift for the children who have just introduced to reading in Montessori.

Santa Claus soft toy :

Kids’ most favorite gift-bringer for Christmas is Santa Claus and if you give Santa Claus soft toy to your child as his Christmas present, he will be the happiest kid. These soft toys are lightweight, attractive, colorful, soft and easy to carry. This is made of fur which will not make any harm to your little one and will go easy on his skin. It will create a special memory with your little one.

Christmas tree and snowman :

Christmas tree and snowman can be an ideal Christmas gift for your baby. You can encourage your Montessori Duarte, CA going toddler to decorate the tree. He can use his creativity to decorate the tree.

Santa Claus costume :

Children will be very happy to dress up as Santa Claus. With the red cap, band, goggles and dress your little one will look like a perfect Santa.

Kids tent House :

Children love to have their own play tent house. You can buy this tent house as your kid’s Christmas gift. This tent house is easy to assemble and is self-supporting. It can be assembled in 30 seconds and can be folded in 30 seconds. It is quite durable and has good ventilation. It is made with spring steel technology and the material is non-toxic. So, kids will be happy playing and staying inside his own tent House.