Fall Themed Lunchbox Idea For Your Kindergarten Kid

Is your child going to a childcare San Marino, CA or a kindergarten? Then here are some fall inspired lunchbox ideas that will surely light up their face during lunch break.

Leaf Sandwich

You will need a leaf cutter for this one. Make any kind of sandwich, preferably with dry filling like cheese slices or mayo with chopped or julienned carrots. Then use the leaf cutter to cut out the sandwich in shape. Complete the lunchbox with some seasonal fruits and juice box.

Apple Cupcake

Does your child love cupcake? Then make a little different one with this recipe. You can use any box cupcake batter for this. All you need is some red frosting, green leaf candy and pretzel. Make cupcakes as per the instructions and then top it with red frosting. Break the pretzel into sticks and put the candy leaf at the base as leaves. Your apple cupcake is ready to please your child as he opens his lunchbox. In fact, it is also a great party snack if your child’s school is hosting a Halloween or Fall themed class party.

Cheese pumpkin pie

A great variation of the cracker and cheese lunchbox will be the pumpkin pie cheese and cracker. Along with cheese pieces (cut small triangles from a block of cheddar) and use whipped cream as a glue to attach the crackers to it at bottom and side. A blob of chipped cream on top will complete the “pumpkin pie”.

Turkey and cheese mini sandwich

Use a croissant or bagel to make a turkey and cheese sandwich. Layer the croissant or bagel with cream cheese and then add turkey slices on them to make small finger sandwiches for your little one in childcare San Marino, CA. Add apple slices with a caramel sauce dipping to complete the lunchbox.

Root vegetables and chickpea salad

Root vegetables like carrot and carrots have the nutrients you need to fight the common health issues of Fall. So, make sure you add some in his lunch or dinner. In fact, this lunchbox can be made from a dinner leftover. Just roast the root vegetables with your favourite spices and herbs in over for about 45 min, and in the last 15, add a can of chickpeas and roast them together. To make the salad, just add chopped onions, vinegar and sugar. Place some crackers or toasted breads with it in the lunchbox to complete the meal. And a juice box of course.

Fusilli with butternut squash and bacon

Does your child love pasta? Then a quick pasta with bacon, butternut squash and spinach can not only be healthy but tasty as well. Spinach is rich in Vitamin C and add it at the last few minutes of cooking so that it is not overcooked.

Berries and turkey

Autumn is a time for berries and fresher they are the better. Fill the lunch box with turkey and cheese roll up along with berries. You can also add a cup of yoghurt as dips for the berries and some crackers.