Harmful Effects Of Junk Foods On Children

Kids are usually found to be fond of junk foods. Junk foods appear to be appealing to children for several reasons- their appearance, taste as well as the aroma. Kids are not always aware of the consequences of consuming junk foods and often grow addicted to the same. Regularly, whenever kids are going out with their parents, they begin tantrums of eating junks, and to make them stop, parents give in to their demands. Montessori Sierra Madre, CA says that junk foods have a lot of fat content and it might lead to several complications like obesity, depression, gastrointestinal illnesses, and some extent of lowering of self-esteem. As a result of this, the performance of children in academics is found to be affected.

Following are some of the harmful effects of junk foods on children -

  1. Risk of obesity- Research study has revealed that due to junk-food feasting of children has been attributed to a grave risk for obesity. According to the study, children consume a lot of calories through junk foods along with fats and supplementary sugars. These fats are accumulated in the body to often cause heart-related problems. It is because of the fats that children feel highly lethargic in doing physical activities.
  2. Paleness and fatigue- Junk foods do not contain vitamins and minerals that are essential for protecting the body healthily. Therefore, prolonged lack of these nutrients leads to abnormal functioning of the body. By eating junk foods, children might feel full as well as satisfied but they become fatigued and pale after a while. Montessori Sierra Madre, CA says that energy level is lowered to a great extent.
  3. Digestive problems- When children are very much addicted to junk foods, they develop problems of the GI tract like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or GERD. The fatty acids dumped on stomach walls cause excessive production of acid and hence worsen the process of digestion. Due to insufficient fiber content in food, problems like constipation and hemorrhoids are common in them.
  4. Fluctuating blood sugar level- Junk foods are rich in refined sugars which pose huge stress on the metabolism of the human body. As these foods are deficient in proteins and carbohydrates, the blood sugar level of the body drops immediately on the consumption of junk foods. Studies have revealed that consuming junk foods for one week continuously can weaken the memory of children manifold.
  5. Downheartedness- For growing children, self-esteem and confidence is a must for achieving success. Consuming junk foods would have a great impact on their self-esteem. Unable to focus on the class, lack of concentration, and poor abilities are also caused because of consuming junk foods.

Therefore, parents must inculcate healthy food habits among children and deviate them from consuming junk all the time to incorporate better living among them. Instead, parents can cook delicious yet nutritious food at home for the children to enhance their health and mental stability.