How To Convince The Toddlers To Follow Direction Without Much Hassle

Generally, up to 2 years, the kids like to follow the direction of their parents or nearest caregiver, but with time they grow up, they like to be more independent. During that time, they don’t like to obey anything asked by the elders and show their choice on almost everything. Although many parents think this habit as the tantrums of the little one, it is perfectly normal. With time, the sense of understanding among the children increases and they like to explore new things that they can try on their own.

As they are guided in the Child care Sierra Madre, CA, they start to develop their self-image that will immensely help them in the future. However, they show some difficulties and complications while following the direction and order from others.

When they start to explore their own likes and dislikes, they find out that it does not match with their parents’ choice. At that point, they show their strong preference over their decisions. When parents try to compel them to obey their order, they may refuse to do so.

You must aware of the fact that there is a subtle art of talking while dealing with the children. If you can speak in the right way, they will listen to you without any irritation. You have to maintain an assertive tone while communicating with them as it is the most effective way. When you speak to them in a firm, clear, consistent, warm but confident way, they will listen to you.

Here are some tips that will definitely help you to encourage the kids to follow the order and direction:

  • Call By name: We all love our names, so do our children as well. When you request your kid with her name, they will provide better concentration. It is a great way to ensure that they at least listen to you. You need to wait to gain the attention of the kid before you communicate.
  • Make a Connection: While making the request, sit down to the eye level of your child. It not only encourages good manner among your children but it builds better communication among you two. Keep calling by their name before you request him something.
  • Positivity In Your Way Of Speaking: You need to speak to them in the positive tone always. You can ask him not to do any particular thing but in the strategically affirmative way. For example, instead of telling ‘no running in the house’ you can say ‘only walking in the house please’. This affirmative way of speaking will boost confidence among the children and they will like to follow the request happily. However, maintaining a positive tone seems much difficult for the parents but you can achieve with practice.
  • Follow Good Manners: Not only at home, but you also need to teach the kid to follow the good manner everywhere. Like when he is going to the Child care Sierra Madre, CA, they will talk to their peer in that way only. Words like ‘please’, ‘thank you’, ‘sorry’, ‘you are welcome’ need to be said like you whom your kid models the most.