How To Keep Children Away From Watching TV

Though the television gives us a lot of useful information, to kids the TV can be addictive and harmful to some extent. Keeping your kids away from television is one of the biggest struggles, parents have to face while parenting. Nowadays, many new TV channels are upcoming with various choices for kids and the most popular being cartoon channels. These available choices may be exciting for the kids but it will ruin his or her childhood if you let them get addicted to those.

From various, research it was found that over-addiction to the TV can lead to obesity-related disorders and also unpredictable behaviours in children. Hence it is highly recommended to keep kids away from watching TV regularly. At Child care Sierra Madre, CA, parents are given proper advice on the same to make parenting easy for them.Here are a few guidelines to keep children away from getting addicted to the TV

  1. Restrict the duration of watching TV : Being a parent, you can limit the time your child will spend in front of the TV. You can explain why it is necessary by explaining some positive facts of being indulged in outdoor or indoor games rather than staring at the TV. During weekdays, you can make it a rule for them to watch TV only after completing homework and other chores for half an hour. On weekends, this time can be extended a little more.

  2. Be aware of the channels being watched by your child : You need to be watchful about what your child is watching and if you notice anything unusual, you need to be quite strict enough to make your child stop watching that particular TV program.

  3. Set an example : It would be foolish of you to make restrictions for your child and not setting an example for them to follow. For that, you have to make your child realise that you are also going to give up your TV time for them. Doing that, you can have quality family time together to enjoy.

  4. Take your children out : Child care Sierra Madre, CA, advises parents to take children on outings as if they always stuck indoors, they will naturally be drawn towards the TV, having nothing to do. They should be taken for evening walks or stroll to parks to play with other kids in the evening. This provides fresh air for children and makes them forget the urge to watch TV.

  5. Make them take up a hobby : Encourage your child to take up a hobby in which he or she can get indulged and spend more time in it. Not only one, but your child can take up multiple hobbies like singing, dancing, painting, reciting etc. Once they get completely involved, it makes them automatically forget their addiction to watch TV.

  6. Make them help you with tasks :This is a great way of limiting TV time for your children. Ask them to help you sometimes, with some of the chores you do but make sure they don’t turn boring on your kids. This way, the children can keep away from the TV.