How To Prep Your Kid Before Montessori

Do you know what would be better before you head your child to a Montessori? Preparing them at home. By preparation, we don't mean just dressing them up and straightening things over; rather, we mean establishing the schooling base right at home. The teachers at Montessori Duarte, CA, believe that using the Montessori method at home can be a great way to create a productive learning environment for the child before school begins, as it will assist in easing the transition. We have talked to the educators and compiled a list of tips to help you and your little one feel confident about this process.

Tips To Help You Prepare Your Child For Montessori School:

  • School Starts At Home:

    Try to engage your child in play from birth or as soon as you deem your child to be ready. A significant component of Montessori is that they provide the children with a prepared environment and how adults moderate the surroundings in an organized yet essential way.

    Observing your baby while playing and adjusting to the environment as they tend to learn new skills and develop new interests will significantly assist them through development. In addition, such appropriate plays are designed to support physical and mental growth.

    Take learning to walk as an example. Encourage this type of curiosity in your child by providing them with a bar or stable shelf to pull upon. By creating this environment that feeds their innate interest and desire to explore, you will be fueling their desire to build strength, confidence, and a notion of independence.

  • Never go more than 8 toys and activities for your kids:

    By making a low shelf with no more than eight activities or toys, you will be providing your child with the freedom to choose what they want to play with without getting confused with uncountable options.

    The order and simplicity of their space will help them have a clear idea of "accountability" and "understanding of what is around them." Choosing toys and understanding the purpose of such activities is not overstimulating.

    What it does is help your child have a clear purpose and require your baby to engage with them. This will assist them in gaining an attitude of perseverance and engagement early.

  • Practical life skills are significant:

    A few small additions to your home environment can assist in building the confidence in your child to do things for themselves. In short, they gain the independence that assists them in doing things.

    To instill such a notion in them, you may add a few low hooks and baskets in your entryway so that they can do small tasks. For example, when your children learn to walk, you can teach them to put on and remove their coats by showing them how to hang them on and off the hook.

  • Teach them to eat themselves:

    You can also raise confidence and independence by teaching your kids to eat themselves. Put away distractions to create a call and relaxed surroundings during mealtime. This will assist your child in developing a positive association with food.

    The goal is to assist your child in developing a positive association with activities. In addition, the educators at Montessori Duarte, CA, believe that practicing the activities mentioned above will prepare the child to be more docile.