How To Teach Your Kids To Dress Themselves Properly

When the children start their journey in the toddlerhood, it is an important milestone for them. They start to explore new things from their surroundings. In this stage, they touch many other milestones like walking, talking or even potty training. They also start to go to the Preschool Arcadia, CA and make new friends. The world has become an exciting stage for them that is beholding many fun, excitement, and enjoyment. However, dressing by themselves is a challenging chapter that the parents need to teach them.

As the concept of the Montessori training believes in making the children self-sufficient, self-reliant and independent. Learning to master dressing is an initiative of that only. As every child has its own milestone, not all kids learn this skill at the same age. There are a few children who take great interest earlier than others to assist the elders during the process of dressing and undressing. Generally, most of the children start to learn the skill at the age of two.

It is very challenging for the kids to grasp the skill and they may need time to excel this. However, you need to encourage them constantly as it is a very important skill to learn. When the children become master of this dressing and undressing skill, they will grow immense confidence that will be highly beneficial for them only in the long run.

Along with that, there are a few skills that will increase along with this dressing skill:

Fine Motor Skill: While working on small objects like a button or zipper, the kids will develop the fine motor skill.

Gross Motor Skill: While pulling pants, they have to stand on one leg that will increase the gross motor skill.

Cognitive Skill: It will increase when the child recognizes the right pair of dress.

It is always better to master this skill before they enroll for the Preschool Arcadia, CA as it will give them confidence in the washroom as well.

Check out the tips you can follow for your kids to teach him the proper way to dress:

  • While in the morning, all the members of the family rush to start their daily life. Thus the time everyone gets before step out of the gate is limited. That’s why; it is advisable to practice the dressing session before the bedtime or bath time. Interestingly, the jammers they wear during the night don’t have much button or zip as it will help them to learn fast.
  • In the time of shopping for your kids; you have to find out the practical choices like large buttons or Velcro that will be easy for the kids to wear by themselves. When they will be able to do that by themselves, it will give them a sense of accomplishment and confidence. Select the shoes that are slip-on or have Velcro without any lace to tie.
  • You can add some fun in this task of dressing so that they will be interested in themselves. You can buy clothes that have their favorite characters. Make some senses like the front, back, right and left while dressing them up.
  • You can make them practice on some doll or stuff toys so that they can have a better grip that will help them when they will do the dressing of their own. With practice, it will get better and easier for them.