5 Fun and Interesting Outdoor Activities for Kids

Outdoor activities are essential for children’s healthy development. Nowadays, children spend very little time exploring nature dut to concentrate on structured academic-oriented activities, overuse of digital platform for entertainment, and lack of safe and inspiring outdoor environment where kids can go and play. In turn, this is restricting their exposure to fresh air and daylight which is highly beneficial for the well-being of any living thing. So, if you want your kids to go out and engage in some outdoor activities, please refer to the following list of 5 super fun and exciting outdoor activities which will help in their healthy development.

List of 5 Exciting Child-Friendly Outdoor Activities for Kids:

Here you will have some super fun and exciting outdoor activities for children that they will enjoy to the fullest.

  1. Gardening:
    Daycare teachers promote gardening as an interesting and super beneficial outdoor activity for kids that help them learn about various plants and flowers. While gardening kids can spend some time with nature which encourages them to explore the world around them. The best way to help them start their activity is by giving them some seeds to grow on their own. In the process, they will understand that plants are living beings and they have certain needs to live and grow. Initially, they may need your assistance, but eventually, seeing their plant’s growth, they will be able to feel the joy behind this activity.
  2. Find the ball:
    This outdoor activity with a ball will make your kids have loads of fun. All you need for this activity is a ping-pong ball or any other small ball that cannot be easily spotted. Playschools in Arcadia, CA let their students play this game in groups. The captain of the group will hide the ball and others have to find the hidden ball. As they get closer to the ball, the captain has to scream saying ‘Hot’ and as they move away, the captain has to scream saying ‘Cold’. Whoever gets the ball has to hide it next.
  3. Bike Ride:
    Bike riding is super fun and an exciting way to keep your kids healthy. The best option is having a bike in and around your locality. You can go to nearby places such as the library, supermarket or a friend’s house. Riding a bike is a great way to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight. You can even plan a family bike riding tour and explore new places in the neighborhood together.
  4. Swimming:
    Kids love playing in the water and the best way to let them enjoy the water is swimming. This is a great activity to enjoy the summer holidays with your kids. Swimming is not only a great activity but a life skill everyone must learn. Daycare teachers encourage kids to go swimming as it helps them to stay fit and healthy.
  5. Tail tag:
    This is an exciting outdoor activity that can be played with a handkerchief. Kids have to tuck their hankies to their belts or pockets like tails. The objective of this game is to collect maximum tails and save your own tail.