Primary/ Junior Pre-K, Ages 3-4

Our Primary/ Junior Pre-Kstudents are beginning their journey in to more structured academic activities, balanced with hands-on learning that promotes discovery and exploration.

Children will be introduced to Early Language and Literacy, Writing Skills (tracing), Math Concepts, Science and Social Studies. They will read thematic books, join open ended questions, create their own stories, learn the correct way to hold a pencil and trace, sorting, sequencing and matching, how to mix colors for a Science Project or learn about different countries and cultures and make crafts. They will also have time to play, sing songs and play musical instruments.

In our Primary/ Junior Pre-Kclass, we will also focus on teaching Social Skills: how to share toys, clean up after yourself, proper manners and life skills that build independence.

We will introduce Homework for the first time in the Primary/ Junior Pre-K class. Children will be given a small packet of work to take home once a week to complete and return. This will give parents a chance to work with them at home and to reinforce skills they have learnt in school.

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