The Montessori Philosophy

Dr. Maria Montessori was a pioneer in the concept of education. Born in the town of Chiaravalle, Italy in 1870, and graduating from medical school in 1896, her medical practice and clinical observations led her to analyze how children learn and build themselves from what they find in their immediate environment.“Children Teach Themselves”; this simple but profound truth and fundamental philosophy inspired Montessori's lifelong pursuit of educational reform, methodology, psychology, teaching and training,all based on her dedication to furthering the self-creating process of the child.
The Montessori educational philosophy believes that the educational method, to be effective, must support and address the nature of the child. The nature of the child is not a theoretical construct, but based upon detailed observation of the child.Children are dynamic and curious, that have an inner need to know the world and a Montessori classrooms provide a multitude of fascinating materials to enhance this learning process. Essentially, the child constructs knowledge through physically manipulating the environment. The physical manipulation, or handling of the environment, allows the child to construct mental images.

Mental images lay the foundation for later abstractions. The Montessori teacher does not teach, but rather provides experiences for the child to construct mental images. The Montessori Academy of Arcadia classrooms are calm, respectful and peaceful, providing an atmosphere to increase a child’s concentration. There are no grades, or other forms of rewards or punishments, subtle or overt. Assessments are done through portfolios and teachers’ observations and recordkeeping. Accomplishments are measured via behavior of children, their happiness, maturity, kindness, love of learning, concentration and work. Developing a courageous personality is as important as excelling in academics. The Montessori Academy of Arcadia philosophy is to provide an opportunity to take care of themselves, each other, and the environment; as well as teaching basic skills in gardening, cooking, moving gracefully, speaking politely, and engaging in social work in the community, thus providing the child with a

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