Montessori Tips to Keep Your Children Busy Indoor During Summer

The summer season is here and for kids, it is the time for a long summer vacation. With summer come the scorching heat, sweat, and high humidity levels that make one exhausted and de-energized. As temperature and humidity go up, so does the risk of heat-related illness. High temperatures can cause children to become sick in several ways. Preschool caregivers suggest parents protecting their children from the heat as much as possible.

The temperature rises at maximum during noontime and starts to decrease from the evening. Kindergarten school teachers advise parents to keep their kids busy indoor till the heat starts to decline. But keeping busy does not mean glued to the TV. Most of the children, when are told to stay indoors, take the control of the TV and immediately reach their favorite cartoon channel. But, at one Montessori in Monrovia, CA, where parents were invited to know how to keep their children busy indoor during day time. Teachers suggest that children should be engaged in creative work as much as possible to enhance their cognitive, logical, and thinking power of the brain. They give a few ideas so that the children spend their long summer holiday fruitfully.

  • Preschool caregivers advise to make your children busy with simple household works like dusting, arranging their cupboard, folding their dresses, polishing shoes, washing canvas shoes, and other small things. But parents should supervise the work else they may make a hotchpotch.
  • Let your children assist while preparing the meal. Simple activities like washing vegetables, making dough, tearing herbs, mixing something, etc. can be done easily by them. Let them prepare their breakfast under your guidance. Once a week plan a baking day. All these activities help to enhance simple common sense and simple mathematical power. When the kids are making cake they have to measure each ingredient before mixing. It is good training of mathematical power.
  • If you have toddlers keep them engaged with movable alphabets or pink towers and tell them to arrange the ring according to the order. Preschoolers like to listen to the story. Spare some time and read storybooks for them. If your kids are just bigger than the toddler, provide them with color and painting books. Make their sit arranged in front of the window and encourage them to draw what they are seeing through the window. Sketching, coloring with a brush or ink pen help to improve motor skills.
  • Encourage your children to make beautiful indoor gardening. Go through the internet or take the help of a plant specialist, which plants grow well in shades. Bring them to take care of it like watering the tree in time or giving the plant its food in the right measurement. Children like to play with mud and water. They feel happy when they see the flower blooms. Their confidence rises to see the luscious green garden made on their own.

But, along with all these activities, preschool caregivers of a Monrovia, CA, school reminds parents to hydrate kids with plain water, fruit and vegetable juices, and different types of soups from time to time.