Montessori Tips to Make a Warm Bonding Between Parents and Child

Children are the best asset of our life and it is not unnatural or absurd that we want to raise them in our best possible ways. But raising a child is a tough job. Montessori Durate, CA, teachers state that raise your child in such a way that he or she becomes a compassionate and a good human being. According to them, the most important thing is to make a warm bonding between a child and parents before starting the raising process.

The importance of child-parent bonding :

When there is a warm bonding between a child and the parents, the child will automatically feel loved and will understand his importance at home. This will enhance his self-esteem. A child feels lonely when he does not get proper care and love at home. Then he loses every interest in life and this hinders his mental growth. When there is a good bonding between parents and children, the parents automatically gain confidence and trust.

Children pay heed to the advice of elders whom they trust. Montessori Durate, Ca, states that spend as much time as possible with your children. If you are a busy parent and find it difficult to spend adequate time with your children, compensate it tactfully. The simple act of sitting beside them, hugging them, putting hands around their shoulders, buying toys (not very expensive), bringing their favorite chocolate, etc. may help to make a strong warm bond between parents and children

Once you gain trust and confidence of your children they will feel free to express themselves even at their hard time. They won’t hesitate to discuss their secret and grief with you. When you solve their problem, you gain more confidence from them. The child started to make you as his role model. Children generally grasp their parent’s activities and imitate their parents. So be careful about your behavior, your action and language in front of your children. Keep in mind that they imitate you.

Do not compare your children with other children of your neighbor or your friends. Not even compare a child with his sibling. Tell him, he is the best. Every child is unique in his way. Emphasize his uniqueness. Give importance to his unique quality.

Check :

There should be a check on everything. Do not over pamper your child to gain the love and confidence of your child. It is not healthy to fulfill every demand of your child all the time. Do not always buy instantly what they demand. Do not buy costly toys and products all the time at a very young age because this may spoil their nature. Giving too much costly product to them may make them demanding and they will not understand the value of the money in future. Do not hesitate to discuss your monitory matter or financial crisis with them so that they will think twice to demand anything from you. Montessori experts say do not solve their problem every time. Let them solve the problem. This will help in their personality development.