You and your child will love the friendliness, Cleanliness, Safety and Warmth at our state of the art educational learning facility. The school has an open floor plan with lots of natural lighting, and brightly decorated individual classrooms with age appropriate learning materials. The facility also has a modern Media and Computer Center with electronic games and material to enhance the hand-eye coordination and motor skill at an early age. The Library and other academic centers stimulate the quest for learning through discovery.

The playground is equipped with age appropriate child-safe activity centers and gyms. Each with the purpose of stimulating physical activity and enhancing coordination & motor skills thorough play.

Admittance to the building is secure and screened. We have a Secure Entrances and Close Circuit Monitoring for additional security. Children will be released only after valid ID's have been verified.

The facility meets and exceeds all required safety and fire regulations. Strong emphasis is placed on cleanliness and safety of the facility at all times.

A Foundation of Excellence !

Now Serving Cities of Monrovia, Arcadia, Duarte ,Sierra Madre and San Marino.