Regular Skin Care Regime For Children

It is never too early or too late to start a healthy skincare regime for your children. Most of the parents are quite confused about the child skincare regime. Some parents think that children are born with excellent skin and for this reason, they do not need any further skincare, and basic maintenance of hygiene is enough for them.

In a preschool in Sierra Madre, CA, a visiting pediatric dermatologist says that it is their duty to make parents aware of the safe and effective skincare routine for their children. Parents meet with overloaded information, choices, and sometimes misinformation on the internet regarding their children’s skincare routine. For this reason, there is much chance that parents who self-research can do more harm than good as they attempt to learn about best practices and products for their kids’ skin.

Children need to take care of their skin and so parents must teach them how to take care of the skin, the largest organ of the body properly. Establishing a solid skincare regime for children is necessary to maintain a healthy complexion because kids are constantly exposed to dirt and germs. So they must learn the proper skincare as early as possible says a preschool attendant in Sierra Madre, CA.

The key to a pediatric skincare routine is quite simple – cleansing, moisturizing and applying sunscreen on the regular basis. A pediatric dermatologist gives some useful tips in the skincare regime of kids.

The first and foremost duty of kids’ parents is to choose the right skincare products for their children because an infant’s skin is more delicate than that of an adult and prone to dryness. There are numerous soaps, creams, lotions, and other skincare products available in the market. Choose the mildest soaps and shampoos specially formulated for a child’s skin. Read the label and be sure that the products you are buying for your kids do not contain chemicals like sulfate and parabens. Better chose those brands that target sensitive skin.

The Skincare regime may differ from season to season because we experience different weather in different seasons. The type of care you need for your child’s skin in winter will not be same in summer because the weather condition is different from one season to the other. In winter children like to remain outdoor. Cover their face and hands so that chilled air does not burn their skin. Moreover, the extremely dry air in winter may make skin rough. Install a humidifier in your home and massage oil or cream and water-based lotion on their skin. On the contrary in summer, in most parts of the US, the weather remains hot, humid, and sweaty. Use gel-based lotion for your child’s skin at that time. Whether it is summer, winter, spring, or autumn, apply a generous amount of sunscreen specially made for children on them.

Encourage them to drink adequate water as it is an essential part of their daily diet. Water helps to remove toxins from their body through urine and at the same time hydrate the skin.

Be sure that your children take a daily bath to keep their skin hydrated. In summer taking bath twice a day is preferably good for children to eliminate heat from the body.