Some Great Winter Songs For Kids

The French poet and novelist Victor Hugo said in his poem “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words”. Perhaps this is all the more true for kids and toddlers. According to caregivers and teachers across various child care centers, music is one of the vital aspects for development and growth for every preschooler and kid.

Since winter is here, it's a great time to have your kids involved with some great winter songs. Not only they are entertaining, but also a way to keep the little ones engaged at home. Furthermore, you as parents have a chance to bond with your kid by singing along and dancing with them. In this blog, we have listed some fantastic winter songs for kids. These songs are easily available on the internet.

1. Winter Hokey Pokey

A variation of the age-old hokey pokey song, it is specifically meant for the winter season. It is a fun song where the kid can perform the actions mentioned in the song while listening and dancing to it. The song and the video by The Kiboomers have animations that are very creative and engaging. Your kids will thoroughly enjoy it.

2. Mittens Song for Kids

This song is very catchy. The tune is from the "If you're happy and you know it" song. Likewise, your kids will find it very easy to perform the actions and dance with the song.

3. I’m a Little Snowman

If your child has heard the song "I'm a little teapot", then he or she will instantly pick up this song. The song is very adorable. It is also one of the easiest songs for your toddler. It is also great for teaching and improving your kid’s storytelling ability.

4. Little Snowflake

This song has a very melodious and soothing tune. Because of that, it is also very fun to sing along with it. According to daycare centers in Monrovia, CA, it is one of the favorite winter songs for preschoolers. The song is composed of super simple songs.

5. Frosty the Snowman

You cannot have a winter song playlist without frosty the snowman. This is a classic by the Busy Beavers, a great song to sing along with your kids. Besides that, the video is even more fun with all the graphics and animation.

6. Winter Song (Fun in the Snow)

This is a very creative song by Cocomelon. The song depicts an animated family having fun out in the winter snow. It is a very engaging song high on detailed graphics and wonderful animations. Your kids will be amazed and thoroughly enjoy it. It will give you some great ideas on how to spend time with your kid out in the winter snow.

7. Penguin Dance

Penguins are very adorable creatures. They become more adorable especially when they are singing and dancing. Preschools in Monrovia, CA use this song as an introduction to tap. It is very easy for your kids to follow and the beat is perfect for the season.