The Perfect Pre-school : A Montessori

All parents want the perfect learning environment for their children. You want to provide a place that allows your child to develop basic skills but that will also enrich them in other areas, which is why a Montessori school may be the best option for your pre-school child.

What Is a Montessori School?

Montessori is actually an approach to learning. It was created by a woman, Maria Montessori, who developed an educational program that allowed children to learn in a more flexible environment. Our school is operates using this system. We promote hands on learning and decision making. Our students are exposed to many different subjects and topics in a way that allows them to explore and discover. We cover the basic subjects, such as language, science, and math, but we cover many others as well. We work with our students at a pre-school age in areas like, art, music, and cultures. Your child may hear a story and then have the chance to act it out with others to enhance their understanding.

Our days are structured by time and subject, but we then also allow for each individual student to interact in areas of their choice. Our Montessori school will help your child to find the areas and activities that really interest them. They will then have the opportunity to participate in those regularly with the rest of their subjects. We want to provide physical learning through movement as well. Your child will also focus on social skills, which will help them to play and interact with other students.

Is a Montessori Pre-school Right for Your Child?

At our Montessori School in Walnut, we are always happy to share our information and provide you with the items you need to make a decision. Our goal is to begin your child on a road to their success.