The Silent Truths about Montessori Education

There is nothing more important to give your child (aside from nutrition and safety, of course) than education. That is why we are so passionate about spreading the news about Montessori educational formats. This is a different style of learning than you see in most institutions, and that is a shame because there is so much to be gained through this fascinating format of teaching young children.

Here are just some of the things you may not know about Montessori learning:

  • It appeals to every sense : Your child will learn and grasp many principles much faster with a solid foundation when those things are taught in ways that engage their eyes, ears, nose, and tactile senses.
  • It is active : Lecturing to young children is not very effective. This is probably something you have already figured out in your career as a parent. The best way to teach young children is to get them moving and get the mind and body working in tandem.
  • It is musical : There have been many, many scientific studies done to show the connection between music and cognitive functioning. We love the Montessori approach because it embraces this truth.
  • It finds and enhances the strengths in the child : Every child is different. We see kids who are naturals with computers. Others are very athletic and were made to move. Still others seem to have come into the world with a mastery over language that others will never understand. When we use the Montessori approach, we are able to really bring out the best in your child and help him understand and utilize his strengths.

When you are trying to decide where to send your children for the learning they need, be sure to look for facilities that use the Montessori approach. This style of learning is unique and very effective at helping your child learn and love learning.