6 Tips On Taking Care Of Your Preschooler At Home

All over the USA, parents are finding it hard to entertain their preschoolers now that most schools and daycares are closed. If you are one such parent and counting the days when your daycare in Sierra Madre, CA will open again, here are some tips on how to entertain your little one at home. Most of these do not need you to go out and get stuff; you can use everyday things to keep your child engaged as well as follow course material appropriate for his age group.

  • Art and craft projects are not only fun but help to increase your child’s creativity, hand-eye coordination, and thinking power. And you can do that with ordinary items lying in your house. For example, do not throw away tissue boxes as they finish; just turn them to art projects by making monsters out of them! Let them decorate it with pompoms and whatever is there in your craft box with the middle opening becoming the teeth of the monster. Another great DIY item to make, especially with your little girl will be a pepper bead necklace. Just cut any kind of paper, be it wrapping paper, newspaper or craft paper into thin reels and then roll them into bead-shaped. Then string the “beads” together to make a necklace.
  • If you have more than one young child, then a fun indoor game can be made with a big piece of board. Make different sized holes in them and place points on top. Use something to prop in one place, and then let your children compete by aiming paper planes through the holes. The one with most points wins of course!
  • Teach your children about their family history by making a family thumbprint tree. Make a genealogy tree and then use skin-friendly watercolor to paint the child’s thumbs press the thumb to make leaves on the tree. If any of your relatives had some interesting family history (like grandparents who fought in WWII), it can be a nice way to introduce the history of that time to your child.
  • Board games have always been one of the best ways to entertain children of all ages. For preschoolers, Ludo and snake and ladder can be two board games that are not only very entertaining but can also help your child muster numbers and related mathematical subjects. For example, the dice can help your child identify numbers and when they play their turn, they can learn to count the number by moving their token likewise.
  • Online resources are plenty to help your child during this lockdown period. There are YouTube channels dedicated to preschoolers that are not only fun to watch but informative as well. You can also find websites offering worksheets and what to teach your preschoolers that will help you plan their home school schedule.
  • Even your daycare Sierra Madre, CA will have resources to help you out. Many such places are running online classes so that your child does not miss out on their learning opportunities. Plus, being in such online classes will also help him or her to stay in touch with his or her daycare friends and teachers.
In this pandemic, when every school and college is closed, the online classes are the only way to keep the kids motivated. They must follow their academic course and that’s why; all the leading playschools and daycares are coming up with the online classes that will help the kids to follow the academic courses and keep them engaged in different activities.