What Are The Best Crossword Puzzles For Kids?

Playing a crossword puzzle is extremely entertaining. This old fashioned yet intellectual game has many benefits like it improves vocabulary, makes you feel relaxed and helps to build a social bond. Crossword puzzles can be a great addition in Childcare of Duarte, CA to enhance children’s reading skills and improve spellings. Playing this game regularly makes kids aware of general knowledge on diverse topics. It also helps children to apply their thinking and processing ability in a real-life situation. If you want to know the best crossword puzzles for kids, here is the list.

Just like teaching many other concepts like nouns, pronoun or adjectives, teachers need to educate kids on the opposite words to enhance their vocabulary. As teaching through games is the best way, teachers can use this awesome puzzle game to make kids familiar with commonly used words and their opposites. Kids will learn and enjoy filling up the answers in the corresponding numbers marked the puzzle.
Shape names:
In Childcare located at Duarte, CA kids need to understand different shapes in and around us. Instead of teaching through some lectures, this shape names crossword puzzle would be a good platform for teachers to make children aware of different shapes like squares, circles, triangles, rectangles, etc. Kids can have a look at the pictures of shapes and write the answers using the clues given in the puzzle.
Vegetable crossword:
In Montessori schools, kids learn the names of common vegetables as part of a language building activity. This vegetable Crossword Puzzle worksheet would be a great way for the pre-schoolers to learn the names of all commonly available vegetables. Teachers of most of the Childcare use this type of crossword puzzle to help kids learn the spellings of a variety of vegetables like cabbage, brinjal, carrot, pumpkin, etc. Kids have to look at the pictures of the vegetables alongside the person and write the answers on the corresponding column numbers.
Body parts crossword:
Kids need to know the names of different body parts. This crossword puzzle is a very good activity to make kids learn the names of different body parts. As they write the answer in the puzzle worksheet, they get to know the spellings of body parts which include feet, hand, ear, head leg, etc. Kids can take the help of the picture clues given in the worksheet and solve the puzzle.
Animals name puzzles:
This is an amazing puzzle game to introduce the diverse species of animals like birds, reptiles, mammals, and amphibians. Pictures of animals are given a clue and they are connected to their corresponding numbers in the puzzles. Childcare teachers can use this puzzle game to teach their students how different animals make different sounds, the type of food they eat and the category of animals like domestic or wild. Kids will feel super excited as they solve the puzzle.
Apart from the above-mentioned crossword puzzle games, teachers can use some others like School supplies crossword, guess the color, bedroom crossword, fruit puzzles, Christmas puzzles, sports puzzles, guess the months and transportation crossword to make the teaching-learning process more effective. This type of simple crossword game helps kids learn and at the same time makes their learning time fun and enjoyable.