Why Kids Should Be Sent to A Pre-School at Tender Age?

If you belong to the ancient school of thought, which says that toddlers should be allowed enough time at home, before they are admitted at a pre-school, then this blog is meant for you. Going by the education trends in CA (particularly in Montessori Sierra Madre) it can be safely said that most of the parents are preferring to start sending their toddler to pre-school at the tender age between 12-18 months. While this might be scary for some, but in reality, it is a very practical decision.

Whether it is a Montessori Sierra Madre, CA, or the pre-school or play school section is the first exposure your kid has to education of any sort. But the term “education” has been redefined through a very playful and enjoyable curriculum that the schools follow. While the teachers at a pre-school would try to teach something new to the toddler, they would not force him/her into it. For them, it is more important to ensure that the student has fun during the time spent within the school premises. There are no scary examinations or strenuous homework for the kids at a pre-school.

Sending your toddler to the Montessori Sierra Madre, CA is similar to sending him/her for a little outing every day. Try to stay indoors for a couple of weeks, without seeing the outside world, and you will know how frustrating it can be. Similar is the experience of your little one! Visiting the pre-school every day creates a change of settings for a few hours.

By visiting the pre-school every day, the child unknowingly picks up some skills. Having to wake up, get ready and visit the school creates a sense of schedule. This is the first taste of scheduled life that your little one would have. Apart from this, kids admitted in the Montessori Sierra Madre, CA start mingling with other students and in no time, they form great friendships. For most individuals, their first friendships are those at a pre-school. So, quite unknowingly the toddler learns socializing skills. And that again is a big lesson for the remainder of his/her life.

While at the pre-school, the kids start gaining some sense of independence from parents. Before going to the pre-school your little one would have no sense of hunger. Simply because you pushed food through his/her mouth even before the feeling actually arouses. But while at a pre-school, the toddler would have a first taste of the feeling called hunger. Similarly, many kids start recognizing their need for a visit to the washroom after visiting a pre-school.

So, do not feel scared of admitting your kid in a Montessori Sierra Madre, CA because he/she is too tender at their age. Rather try and motivate your little one to spend joyous hours at the pre-school and have lots of fun. Because that is what the pre-schools are meant for!.