Why Kids Should Go For Bowling

Nowadays there are many sports and after school activities that can help children with their development. Many of these sports may include soccer, baseball, and football, etc. All sports help them to develop their motor skills and stamina. As a weekend activity child can go for bowling as this is a great way for your children to benefit while developing. It is a great sport for children as this can help them strengthen their muscles and make them more flexible. The ball which is used for bowling is heavy and holding and releasing the ball will make your child's arm stronger. If you want to know the other benefits of this activity, you are at the correct place as Preschool Sierra Madre, CA sports teachers are sharing here some of the benefits of bowling.

Benefits of bowling:

Although bowling is more of a weekend activity for family recreation, it has many other benefits.

It is a social sport.

Many would consider bowling as a mind game between you and the pins, it is definitely more than that. Between the strikes, you can have your great share of conversation and laughter with your teammates. For kids who are a little shy, they may find it difficult to participate in some sports where they have to run around the field with 10 other boys. On the other hand, they may like the peaceful environment of the bowling lane.

Learning about numbers.

Bowling can be more than just a physical activity. In fact, Preschool Sierra Madre, CA teachers take students for bowling as this activity can stimulate their mind by hiding maths and counting skills in every game. Though there are digital displays to keep a track of the score, kids learn to work out how many pins they need to knock out and calculate their totals. Children love this fun way to develop their number counting skills.


Pre-schoolers will have a feeling of accomplishment every time they roll that 6-pound ball down the lane. With bumpers on either side, children will avoid the ill-fated gutter ball. Instead, they will get an instant boost of self-confidence as they knock down the pin/s.


Bowling requires patience. Preschool Sierra Madre, CA teachers take pre-schoolers for bowling to make them understand the importance of patience. They may have to wait for some time for the pain crushing action: for the rack to sweep away felled pains, for pins to be reset and for the ball to make its way to their anxious hands through the mysterious under the floorball retrieval system.

Hand-eye coordination and balance.

Children can gain a sense of control and learn that she can direct the ball according to her release. A heavy ball can be awkward for a little person to hold, so this will teach them to develop their hand-eye coordination, how to stay balanced, and aim.


Chances are there will be many others in the bowling alley. So, children need to learn to wait for their turn. Encourage kids to cheer for others as this will help them to pass their time and build an unselfish sense of excitement at other’s success.