Why Snacking Is Good For Children

Snacking is not what it used to be. Some kids snack too much and some kids choose the wrong kinds of snacks. In this article, you will learn the latest kids’ snacking trends. Healthy snacking is not at all bad for children, on the contrary, it helps manage kids' hunger and boost energy says a Montessori caregiver in Duarte, CA. When kids get healthy snacks at strategic times, they benefit from better nutrition and appetite regulation. Snacks may help to prevent overeating at meals and for picky eaters of all ages, snacks are a chance to add more nutrients.

According to a nutritionist, parents of toddlers often wonder if their kids are getting adequate nutrients from their food. Most toddlers are picky eaters and the rest of them are very slow eaters. But, nutritionist says that toddlers do not eat a lot in one sitting. They should be given a variety of nutritious food frequently. That is why snacks are an ideal choice for them which can balance out an uneven diet.

Most toddlers apart from major meals need two or three scheduled snacks a day- mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and again after dinner, if needed. Healthy snacks can balance out an uneven diet. Snacks can boost the nutrients your toddler gets when you cleverly make some snacks with nutritious food elements. Stock up your home healthy snacks and avoid snacks that are high in sugar, salt, and fat.

Even though snacking has developed a bad image, it can be an important part of your kids’ diet. Healthy snacking improves overall health, restricts overeating, fights weight gain, regulates mood, and improves brainpower. Nutrition is the key to a healthy lifestyle, healthy development, and healthy life. For this reason, stop buying snacks for you and your child from the market. Use your innovative ideas to make healthy but tasty snacks at home which kids will happily eat. Here are some snack ideas are given by a nutritionist in a Montessori in Duarte, CA.

Burger and Sandwiches:

Instead of buying a burger from outside, you can make almost the same product at home. Take burger bread and slice them into two equal parts. You may also take plain bread and with the help of a cookie cutter, cut them into different shapes. Stuff your bread or burger slices with a homemade egg fry and lots of sandwiches. Make a homemade sauce blending coriander leaves, salt, and yogurt in the blender. Pour that on the salad. Cover everything with another slice. You can serve it as evening snacks.

Homemade chicken sausage:

Sausage is a favorite food for everyone young and old. For children, you can make some less spicy homemade sausage at home easily. You need some boneless chicken for this purpose. Add them to the grinder. Add some salt, white pepper powder, and lemon juice to it. Grind them into a paste. Mix an egg in it. In aluminium foil paper pour it and wrap it tightly so that water cannot enter inside. Boil them in that condition in an adequate amount of water for some time so that the chicken gets cooked. After removing them from the water you can slice them with a knife or use a shaper to cut them into different shapes. You can serve them as it is or before serving you may sauté those sausages on the little amount of butter.

Sweet Energy Bars:

Children like to eat sweet food. To make sweet snacks, take different types of nuts – almond, cashew, hazelnuts, etc. In a bowl add these nuts finely chopped, some finely chopped raisins, a handful of roasted oats. Melt some chocolate in the microwave. Pour that melted chocolate into the mixture. Mix well and pour them into a box. Keep them in the refrigerator to get set. After a few hours, remove them from the refrigerator and cut them into pieces. Your kid’s favourite energy bar is ready. You can serve it at any time.

Colorful Ice-cream:

There are very few children who do not like to have some ice cream. But do not serve them plain ice cream; rather add some colourful fruits and nuts in it. In vanilla ice cream, you may add fruits pieces of any color. Cut watermelon, kiwi, strawberry, banana, mango- whatever fruits you have at home and mix it with plain vanilla ice cream. On chocolate ice cream, you may add chopped fresh strawberry or raspberry and chopped chestnuts. Invite your kids to decorate their own ice-creams. It will encourage them.

Crispy Mushroom falafel:

Any type of fried snack goes well in chili winter evenings. But do not bring it from outside; you can use it of your own at home for your kids using simple ingredients. Chop some fresh mushroom. Add it to a bowl. Add chopped cilantro, chopped onion, chopped garlic, and chopped chili in it. Break one or two eggs in it and add salt to taste. Now add the needed amount of chickpea flour to it. Mix well and give a round shape. Deep fry it. Serve it with sweet tomato sauce. Kids will surely like these nutritious evening snacks.